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Re: super sexy dominate swinger

Re: early b j

60 early bj 60 (circleville)

liz we were texting then (chillicothe)

42 super sexy dominate swingers seeking a plaything 42 (Columbus ) pic

57 Douche bag took advantage of daughter 57 (Columbus )

D & B AUTO SALES (chillicothe)

$ DEBT $

Few LOCAL results found. Here are some from NEARBY areas

40 12 yr old shot by BLACK OFFICER let see what happens 40 (NY`) pic

40 Me and wife sleep in seperate rooms so why? 40 (Ohio)

1 BELLA 1 (lancaster)

47 re: druken Jamie 47

fuck it bitch (what ever) pic

despite your best efforts you still failed (YOU KNOW WHERE) pic

What do baboon males do after Sex? (get found) pic

37 Re: Urban Meyer Bonus 37 (Columbus)

re: drunken Jamie (drunk in his car)

50 drunken Jamie 50 (channel 7)

Dem Wangs be Good!!!

Bunch of Negros (Walmart)

Lubs dem chicken Wangs!


-I can't shop at Walmart on Morse rd.

let me suck u (u host)

obama care good by Dr (MDVIP )

that was one ugly bitch you fucked (You fuck anything don't ya)

Hot Sister in Laws

REWARD $100 anonymous who can tell me where this truck is. (Columbus) pic

Tranquility Abides.......... (R&R)

Work out after that Turkey (Dayton) pic

RE: Re Its unsafe to Wear Fur coats - 28 (fuck you....)

Happy Thanksgiving pic


RE: Tremont Lounge - 50 (S High)

RE: black people makes there reputation (every where)

28 Re Its unsafe to Wear Fur coats 28

32 re Spiting on a Lady whos Wearing Fur Coat 32 ( Columbus)

64 Re Do NOT Eat at North market or y'll get really SICK 64 (columbus oh)

Re;Speaks for itself (ohio)

44 RIOTS 44 (MO)

black people makes there reputation (every where)

I'm looking for tracy

44 re: Guiliano for President? 44 (Columbus) pic

Speaks for itself. pic

The new black rap

Anyone out there representin'? (Columbus)

most crackas in Westerville and New Albany are gay

I blames it all on whitey

Looing for a freinds Brother (Parkersburg)

crackas are eating squirrel because... (Americaville)

I watched some porn....

Rudy Guiliano for President! (Columbus East)

popeyes chicken (Cleveland ave.)

The American Tonto and The EuroAmerican Lone Ranger (It's time to make it right)

Blacks help the economy

I be Da man and youu cant mess wit me cause I got da shloong (Short-north)

3 cheers for Dave Sims! (Sunbury/Columbus)

REPLY. Dave Sims

FREE PUSSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pic

Worthington Jewelers Commercial (columbus oh)

THE MOTHMAN (Pt. Pleasant, WV.) pic

BREAKING NEWS...... (Ferguson, MO)

Beware Sims Bros. Contracting

re Whiteys SCARED SHITLESS (Cowlumbus)

re 3 strikes Mr Simon pic

Dave Simms ? What happened (anywhere)

30 Shannon at Hollywood Casino 30 (Columbus)

53 I have to know this 53 ( Anywhere)

RE: Now ComesThe Truth (that isn't the half of it...)

@ Now Comes The Truth (edited)

Re: �Some of you really know how to screw up a Casual Encounter!

Now ComesThe Truth

RE: Rick's sick reply to "Ferguson cop pursued & got criminal" (pay attention.....read closely & slowly)

Some of you really know how to screw up a Casual Encounter! (Columbus) pic

Rick's sick reply to "Ferguson cop pursued & got criminal" pic

@ I'm not sure what to do, just tired.

21 Ferguson, Mo 21 (U.S.A)

One thing I have noticed about YOUR post..NO ONE CARES! pic

blacks (Columbus)

Pants Up, Don't Loot!

99 NAACP 99 (Columbus)

RE: I'm not sure what to do...

29 FERGUSON 29 (Springboro) pic

32 co-workers who are black 32 (Hilliard)

29 Blacks 29 (Columbus)

29 Religious fucks flaggin 29 (Columbus)

how to stop the riots in ferguson

RE:Why do savage white people torture and eat baby cows and piglets? (some answers to your misbegotten notions)

Once you go Black (Real Money White Men)

Wide racial gap persists in testing! (Columbus Dispatch 9/22/13)



WHY ? (Jiggaville.)

Hey ! Shit Skin ! (Not Hillbilly!)

Turkey or ham?-------------- (R&R)


Mike brown

RE: no Christmas for a family (answers for you)

Bullshit Rioting


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